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The Third Hemsworth Brother

This is Luke Hemsworth.












Nice looking guy, right? He’s been an actor on a long running soap opera, starred in a couple of films and a handful of TV shows. He owns his own timber flooring business. He has a gorgeous wife and four beautiful children. (I assume they’re beautiful, they’re Hemsworths. I’m not stalking them or anything.) In any normal family, he would be the most wildly successful member. In a normal family, cousins would elbow each other out of the way to sit next to him at Christmas dinner, trying to get a selfie with him to prove to their friends that Luke Hemsworth really, really, really is my cousin! In almost any other family on this planet and all the other planets we know about, no one would have a more fascinating life than his.

Unfortunately for Luke, he isn’t part of any normal family. He’s a Hemsworth.


This guy is his brother. (Chris Hemsworth as Thor in the movie Thor)









Aaaaannnd this guy is his brother. (Liam Hemsworth as Gale in the movie The Hunger Games)












Remind me to wrangle an invitation to Christmas dinner at the Hemsworth’s.  Errmmm……ahem…….where was I? Oh right…..anyway, Luke got into acting long before either of his brothers got the idea. In fact he had a role in Season One of Westworld as The Security Guy. Without Googling, try to think of his character’s name. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Imagine what it must be like to work your whole life, meet with a significant amount of success in your passion, business and family life and have it all eclipsed by the fact that you had the arbitrary luck to be born into a family of uber talented genetic freaks . It is a situation so compelling in its unfairness as to warrant the invention of a new verb. “So your freshman brother took your place on the varsity team and you got cut? Dude he totally Luke Hemsworthed you.” “I can’t go home for Christmas, I was dating this girl I wanted to marry and my kid brother, out of nowhere, Luke Hemsworthed me and they’re together now and it’s just this whole big ugly thing.”

You know you’re getting a raw deal when your name becomes the active verb in a cautionary tale. Of course, the even more poignant part of this tale is that the least professionally successful member of the Hemsworth clan is still vastly more successful than I’ve ever considered being. Then again, I’m not even terribly successful by my ordinary run of the mill family’s standards. So there’s that.

It ain’t all bad being Luke Hemsworth. I imagine he still gets to go to the parties and he does get the benefits of the Hemsworth gene pool. He probably won’t be eating Ramen and living out of a cardboard box anytime soon either. Plus, as I may have mentioned, his life is still six hundred and twelve percent more interesting than most of ours.


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