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What’s Bothering Me About Colony Right Now

First let me say that I love love love the show Colony on the USA network. Rather than your typical ‘Oh the aliens are here, let’s all band together and fight. Yay humanity!’ routine that futuristic alien invasion themed shows and movies usually hand us (I’m looking at you, Independence Day) Colony gives us what I think is a much more realistic view of how things would go down in a situation like that. Humanity’s biggest problem, as usual, is too often itself. Remember when President Reagan said that if aliens landed here everyone would immediately forget their differences and come together for the greater good? Yeah. Not so much.

Colony’s vision of the post apocalyptic New World Order is chilling and bleak. Opportunists, without the now-obliterated government, police or military to stop them have risen to positions of power where they reap the greatest benefit from complicity with the ‘hosts’ (read:invaders). Claiming that they are saving countless innocent lives by maintaining order and thereby avoiding the wrath of the “hosts” it is glaringly obvious that the majority of the people now in control of the proxy government are enjoying stomping on the necks of their fellow humans a little too much. The entire official apparatus is not merely about control but about sadistically screwing with those in your power because you can.

Enter the Bowman family. In one family unit we see a microcosm of what is happening across the globe to people, families, societies everywhere. Will tries to work with the system while Katie secretly works against it, all while struggling to keep their family together and having to watch the poisonous influence the occupation has on each of their three children, in varying ways. No one plays resolution, resilience and heartbreak all rolled up together like Josh Holloway (Will Bowman) and Sarah Wayne Callies (Katie Bowman). The tension between Katie and her sister Maddie (played by Amanda Righetti), who chose to go all in with the New World Order and hooked up with one of its highest ranking officials, is palpable. Maddie now lives a life of relative ease and affluence, even joining this weird new religion that worships the aliens while her formerly more successful sister struggles to keep her world together. The sisters are not exactly on the outs but the relationship is strained, although Maddie recently appears to sense something much deeper and darker is going on than just the occupation itself.

Here’s where I have unanswered questions. How did the ‘Greatest Day” religion get started? Did the invaders instruct the new government to create it? Did the proxy government do so on its own or did someone else start it and it seemed convenient for the government to co-opt it as the ulimate “opiate of the masses”? I lean toward the invaders starting it because of the experiences Maddie had when she took part in that acceptance ceremony. I need to know more about that sequence too, please.

My biggest question is: We’ve discovered in the episode “Free Radicals” that Nolan, Maddie’s new man, had a disc with files on it that show that the colony is being systematically emptied by sending people to the so-called “factory”, a work camp facility in Earth’s orbit, including a countdown to the colony’s inevitable demise. That being the case, why is he still cooperating with the proxy government? I can appreciate that not everyone in the collaboration forces has this information. Some people may actually believe they are maintaining order until the aliens leave and we can rebuild or we will come to some kind of understanding with the invaders and be able to live somewhat normal lives. I can’t think of a reason why people, even those carefully selected by the invaders for their lack of a moral compass, would continue to cooperate with them when it is clear they seek the extinction of all humans. Eventually the collaborators themselves are going to be dispensable.

The only conclusion I can come to is that some of the collaborators have made deals with the aliens that when this process is complete, they will be saved. I doubt the aliens would keep such a bargain but that can be the only reason they would continue to collaborate. So what do you think? Are the collaborators in on the extinction of mankind? Let me know in the comments below.




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