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Is That A Geisha In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Glad To See Me?

Under the ever amusing heading of “Things That Exist, But Should They?”  I give you Geisha Cordarounds. What are Geisha Cordarounds you ask? Geisha Cordarounds are horizontal corduroys with a geisha in every pocket. Guaranteed. No, for real, they guarantee a geisha in every pocket.  They come in a variety of colors and, most disturbing of all, appear to be designed for men.


Men who like to hang from doorways.

  Men who like to play traffic cones as trumpets. In public.

Men who like to water their flowers with yellow watering cans while wearing teal and showing off their fancy geisha pockets.  In public.

Men who don’t understand the correct way to sit on a park bench.

So if you want to hang from doorways, play traffic cones like trumpets, water flowers and sit awkwardly on park benches and have a geisha in every pocket while you do it, here’s where you can buy your flashy horizontal corduroys. Geisha Cordarounds, Hurry, they come in bright purple too!. Oh, and they’re ninety eight bucks.

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