lazy, broke and having a spectacular time

Adventures in Almost Sewing Something, Kind of……..

My mom very kindly gave me a gift card to spend as I like for Mother’s Day. After a recent conversation with a co-worker about her teenage daughter’s friend who is a talented seamstress, I said to myself “That’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to spend my gift card buying a basic pattern and some fabric and I’m going to sew something”. I decided that an apron should prove simple enough and off to JoAnn Fabric I went.

Apparently there is no such thing as a basic pattern and the fact that something says Simplicity in bold white letters across it should in no way be taken to mean that the process will be simple. Finding what appeared to be the easiest apron pattern in the store I then had to find the correct needles because apparently there are twelve thousand five hundred and sixty two types, the right thread (dual duty? mercerized? silk finish? kill me?) and the right fabric (did you know that there is a difference between quilting cotton. pima cotton, upland cotton and Egyptian cotton? Yeah I don’t care either.)

Forty five minutes later, somewhere between my nervous breakdown and WHERE-THE-$%#&-IS-FUSIBLE-INTERFACING-AND-WHY-DO-I-NEED-IT?????!!!! I ditched the cart in the back of the yarn aisle and went and bought wine.  I kind of like sewing.

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